What you should know to register on AMY Launches?

Before anything else it is important to consider the following:

  1. you Need to have a paypal account or be willing to create one to be able to participate in the dynamics.
  2. Your registration only will be used to enter into the dynamics, does not guarantee you the purchase of the pair.
  3. The registry is open to all of Mexico, in case you want to participate you'll need to add the cost of shipping in the register.
  4. If you're not in Mexico, there are some launches that you will not be able to participate.
  5. If you live in the CDMX NOT we can send your product by courier and you will have to pick it up on the stipulated date. If you add shipping we will have to cancel your registration.
  6. When you register your payment information you will see a page in your internet browser.

and drops@amoamy.com or launches@amoamy.com will send you a confirmation email

you Can check in your PAYPAL account where you will see a transaction authorization.

Paypal will make a charge to secure the payment in case you select@ winner@, it will appear this way in your state of Paypal account:


Remember that when you league your Paypal account with the transaction, Paypal would make one of these three things:

-If your account is linked with a credit card, paypal puts a pre-authorization on the credit card to support the warranty.

-If you choose the option to use your paypal balance, paypal puts a pre-authorization on the credit balance to support the warranty.

-If your account is linked directly with a checking account or debit card - paypal will take the charge in the guarantee to the account.

  1. AMY will not receive your money until you are the winner@ of the dynamics. AMY will select the winner@s after an election process, to internal.
  1. In case you be a winner,@ Paypal will process your payment and will go from PENDING to COMPLETED.
  1. Minutes after, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order: it Is important to take into account that if there is a charge for shipping you'll have to go to the store to pick up your pair at the appointed time otherwise they will cancel your order.

  2. In case you do NOT be a winner,@, AMY will void the authorization of paypal and will not appear on your account statement. The time of return at your bank account or card depends on your bank and the type of the card:  

    If you have registered your paypal account with credit card or paypal balance, at the time that we terminate your registration is released the guarantee and the funds will be available in your account again.

    If your account is linked directly with a checking account or debit card - Paypal will return the position of the guarantee to the account, debit, or checks, take into account that this could take up to 30 days, depending on each bank.

For any questions about the return of the funds to your account visit this link to Paypal:


  1. When you register your bank account with Paypal, your bank may charge a fee for the privilege. This fee is not AMY, is your bank.
  2. If there is a charge on your bank is to secure your operation of PAYPAL with AMY. It is not that you paid for the product. You have only paid to ensure an eventual collection if you are a winner@
  3. AMY reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time.
  4. If you want to unsubscribe from the registration you can send us an e-mail from the account you registered from launches@amoamy.com

it Is important to take into account the following:

If your credit card and paypal account has no funds, the transaction would not be validated in the system and there is no way to win the pair.

In the event of a release pairs after the launch in Launches, will be available in Amoamy.com by the afternoon of that same day, and will communicate in social networks.

Good luck!