In honor to its annual number 30, Nike re-introduces Air Max 90 in an attractive combination of colors that combine brilliant tones with vibras inspired in the jungle. In the top part, a base of light mesh is covered in brilliant impacts of phosphorescent green masked by a revetment of tenuous camouflage. The contrasting touches turn out to be black and white in the sole, the stiffness, the side panels and the heel, complementing this way the look.




Nike Air Max 90 "Green Camo" available limited records in Launches

Price:2.799 $ mxn

Woman's sizes: 5.5 US-9 US W

All the sales inside they are final. Neither changes nor returns are accepted.

Record opens: 20.05.2020

Record closes: 23.05.2020 at 11:00 am or up to exhausting records.

The winners will be notified: 25.05.2020 after 14:00 hrs

Sizes marked for woman in American numeration.

All the sales inside they are final, neither changes nor returns are accepted.

* The Records are limited, for what at the moment of the sizes became exhausted will close the throwing.
*It Takes into consideration that the records are limited by size, in case it does not allow you to register it is because this size is full, we suggest you to register in another available option.
*In case of winner turns out to be your order it will be sent by DHL, this throwing is not available to gather in shop.
*At the moment of realizing your payment, your mailing direction must be equal to your invoicing direction otherwise your order will be cancelled.
May 20, 2020 — Jorge Zamarripa

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