The vice president of creative projects at Nordstrom, Olivia kim joins with Nike to create a unique collection.

The collection called "No Cover" evokes New York street fashion in the nineties.  For Kim This collection was created for everyone, women and men, the old and the young so there are no rules or judgments.

The selection of silhouettes goes hand in hand with what she wants: the Niuyorquin streetwear of the nineties was based on styles created exclusively for men, making it impossible for her to get pieces of her size.

Combined with footwear designs that retry the Nike icons of the time, the collection is based on the wishes and memories of Kim in their teens.

To demonstrate that attitude and vibes 90's launched by the Olivia Kim's No Cover Collection collaboration, we decided to unite with the queens of  street style, 7 influencers who carry style in their blood and with it a recognizable urban attitude wherever they go, we created a shoot  where they dressed the collection of Olivia kim  in the best way and with your personal touch. Meet the members of this project:

November 21, 2019 — Andrea Eraso

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